Pssst... #RuminateCLT has another artist

Before I dive into introducing the new face I just have to say, WHOA.  The past week has been a whirlwind. I spent the weekend trying to put the words together for this blog post and woke up to this wonderful write-up by Happenings CLT on The Ruminate Project and Post-It Goats.   SO MANY FEELS as I am discovering that other people are connecting to my vision with The Ruminate Project.    You can still join the collabaaah!-ration, support #RuminateCLT by getting or sending a goat, HERE.  And now onto more exciting things: 


Craig is an original TRIPLE-B:  Bearded. Bespectacled. Brazen. He is a family man, has been local to Charlotte for 25 years and he believes that Mirado Black Warrior is the finest pencil every made.  Don't worry I have never heard of it either-- but it must be worth looking into if Craig says so! 

I met Craig after seeing his doodles of FutoButa ramen on instagram and basically said "HEY CRAIG. I AM CECE, lookie here we are both creating arts of Charlotte food....  Let's find the best looking, best tasting food in Charlotte and create arts"

It was a no-brainer and we immediately began research... research as in bike ride 4 Joe's Doughs, goat + ramen pun fun with Futobuta... and sometimes even eating a 7-course dinner of desserts by the fabulous Ashley Boyd @ 300 East ( kudos to the great Joel Tracy on that set up)

It is impossible for me to produce enough art to do Charlotte's culinary cuisine scene or The Ruminate Project justice, so I have been lucky enough to find a genius art partner in this RUMINATION.   We are both thrilled about bringing a different perspective to the table of the beautiful things that these chefs and food entrepreneurs are doing to influence our city's culture and community, while also having the opportunity to showcase the contrast of our individual creative expression. 



#RuminateCLT will be in exhibition at Free Range Brewery Septmeber 28 - November 9th and will feature both of our chef + artist collaborations.  
Details on opening reception, and other fun details to follow in the coming months.


Until then....


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