#RuminateCLT Defined & a little something on social reciprocity.

I wanted to do a quick blog entry on the amazing article that Vanessa Smith  (@lifeundeveloped) wrote about #RuminateCLT in Charlotte Agenda. (You will see I'm going a little overboard below but if you haven't read the article, please read it has become an incredible way for me to share my vision for the project) 

Vanessa ruminated this story better than I have ever been able to tell it myself. Thank you, Vanessa and Charlotte agenda for being my voice when I couldn't speak <3 <3

Check out the article HERE



Some of you may know that I am a neurophilosophy/neuroscience NERD (I am love with the BRAIN).  My art can be easily seen, but a lot of my time is actually spent researching, theorizing and writing about human nature and creativity from a cognitive science perspective. 

I discovered another layer to the philosophy of The Ruminate Project this morning.  I continually hear that Charlotte's initiatives, groups, networks, neighborhoods are severely disconnected although there are many of us, including myself,  who are attempting to fill in those gaps with things like The Ruminate Project.  


I have an extreme sense of urgency, I take pride in my ability to "saturate time" and get things done.  When someone offers me an opportunity that feels like the right place for me to take my next step, I'm actually about to sprint up that first peak and see what's on the other side waiting for me.

With that said, I am well aware that there have been other established groups doing similar work in this city for a much longer amount of time.  That's great, but there is a new layer establishing in Charlotte.  We are an ultra progressive bunch armed with powerful visions of what this city can become and our actions have already begun to rapidly transform Charlotte. 


Expectations will always break your heart. 

This group has stopped the ruminated conversations questioning what Charlotte needs, what culture is, who culture is or who defines culture and what Charlotte's identity is.  

We are tired of wasting time talking and expecting things to happen.   We are strategists.  We are collaborating, we are cooperating, we are connecting each other and together have discovered the excitement in anticipating the incredible things that will grow out of our efforts.  

As connectors, we know that this social reciprocation is the fuel that is not just keeping our movements sustained, but they are also thriving and energized.  This is the power of connectedness we are creating. 

The door is wide open for anyone to step right in, there is no secret club initiative (although you should get Twitter), there are very little boundaries for what is possible.

My only warning is that within the limitless expansion, there is no room for hesitation, questioning credibility or ruminating. You have to be ready to keep chowing the next bite on your plate.  

With that being said, let's talk about what we can DO.:

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