tiny update on The Ruminate Project

The past couple of weeks have been an incredible experience bringing this project together, it just keeps getting better and better everyday.  

The hope is that The Ruminate Project becomes a unique link between the booming food culture and the creative community in Charlotte.  I'm reaching out to local chefs/bakers/mixologist/baristas, new restaurants, some of the new pop-ups concepts as well to create art based on some of their concoctions.  I do want to capture their work onto my canvas', but beyond that my main goal is to bring more attention to the passion and creativity oozing from the creators onto our plates to be devoured in a matter of minutes. 

Social media has created a very thrilling buzz for all of us to feel included in the sharing, connecting and exploring for the foodie community, but I think it is important to balance out that tech-interaction overload with objects and with people in order to connect more dots and create a better identity.  By enlarging the plates or mugs or coups on canvas I hope it also widens the lens of our community to see the fuel that the cuisine itself is giving to the cultural metamorphosis the entire city is experiencing. 

Giant thank you to everyone who has shown support and shared belief in this project.  Finally having the sense that others agree that The Ruminate Project can be and is BIGGER THAN THE ART is just about the best thing EVER. 

I have lots of very exciting news to share in the coming weeks as the plans start rolling out.  Stay tuned and get involved with The Ruminate Project by following me on twitter and instagram!

Best to all, Cece Stronach



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